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ProTalk Link Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What size of SIM card does the W1 and W3 modules use?
The ProTalk Link W1 and W3 modules both use a mini-SIM card. The dimensions are 25.00mm x 15.00mm x 0.76mm.

Question:  My SIM card is activated, but when I try to read the phone number from my W3, all I see is ????????
Question:  Am I able to transfer a database remotely?
Question:  Is it possible to use the Link to make outgoing calls much like a mobile phone?
Question:  Is it possible to determine when an alarm has occurred, when it was acknowledged, etc?
Question:  Can a firmware update be performed at the site instead of having to send the system in?
Question:  What is the difference between a W1 and a W3 module?
Question:  How do I activate my W1/W3 module?
Question:  My W module has been activated, but I cannot call into it and it does not call out. What do I look for?
Question:  Can the ProTalk Link send SMS text messages and/or email?
Question:  Can the ProTalk Link connect to the internet?