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ProTalk Cv3 Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  : Is The Cv3 Wiring The Same As The Cv2?
The footprint is the same for both models, so the Cv2 can be swapped with a Cv3 and be mounted in the same way, but the inputs and power supply will need to be rewired.

The pins on the terminal block for the Cv3 power supply have been reversed.

The inputs on the Cv3 have been simplified and no longer require external pull-up voltages. When connecting a switch to the input(s), wire one side of the switch to ground (must be common with the Cv3 power supply) and the other side to the input. By default, an alarm will trigger when the switch closes to ground. This can be changed when programming the database to function in the opposite manner.

The outputs use Form B relays instead of open-collector transistors.

Refer to pages 5, 40 and 41 in the B1277 HSPA manual for details on input wiring and refer to page 7 for output wiring details:

For programming help, refer to the manual or tutorials:

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